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O. My Will is a cackle of holy laughter.

I. I am self-created and this is my Will.

II. The mystery of myself is the unfolding of my Will.

III. I Will the beauty of creation.

IV. I put forth energy as an expression of my Will.

V. My nature is the womb and law of my Will.

VI. My thoughts are ripples on the surface of my Will.

VII. My Will is nurtured by the universe.

VIII. I live in joy as a being that Wills.

IX. I go my way to work my Will.

X. I Will to exist as I am and change as I do.

XI. My Will unfolds in harmony and strife.

XII. I suffer and my Will is purified.

XIII. My Will is my fate.

XIV. I Will my body's transmutation of matter.

XV. I use my resources to work my Will.

XVI. My Will breaks through all bonds not of love.

XVII. I bring comrades together to fulfill my Will.

XVIII, I sleep and my Will dreams me.

XIX. I am strong with the power of my Will.

XX. The fabric of my life is my Will's weaving.

XXI. I am my Will.