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The Light Is One
Clerk House of the A∴A∴

"For the colours are many, but the light is one."

- Liber LXV

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"

Each branch of the A∴A∴ has something unique to offer. Ideally aspirants are drawn to the branch best suited to their individual pursuit of spiritual attainment. 

We work with the Clerk House model and adhere to the tenets of The Book of the Law. The Light Is One Clerk House is fully chartered under Soror Ruach Elohim and is currently accepting applications for membership. 

The A∴A∴ is a magical order commonly referred to as Astrum Argenteum, (which translates as "Silver Star") but whose true name remains a closely guarded secret. The three dots that form a triangle after each "A" form an abbreviation that alludes to the Light, which is hidden within. 

The A∴A∴ could be seen to represent two separate spiritual currents that differ in one fundamental way. There is the internal current (or order) and the external organization. There is the internal current which informs the Order and the external organization which provides the teachings. The internal current consists of a sempiternal Order whose members have attained and achieved the highest forms of spiritual awareness through personal study, self-initiation and individual experience. It is the true and invisible Order, which has operated under various guises throughout history, and comprised of dedicated initiates pledged in service to humanity for the high purpose of furthering global spiritual evolution. No teacher or external group can accept you into this inner order. Admittance can only be obtained through self-initiation. 

Any person or organizations claiming to represent the A∴A∴ can only connect you to the external organization in one of its many forms, which provides the training and resources necessary to accomplish the tasks of the external order. Yet true initiation is an internal process between you and what we term as the Holy Guardian Angel that will guide you to the threshold of the inner Order- if that be your chosen Path.

There are several groups who claim to hold the "true lineage" of the outer organization of the A∴A∴ The truth being that as the original order grew it splintered and became more. That fracturing is what has allowed the one true source to shine its light throughout the world, much like the rays of an eternal sun. This enables the A∴A∴ to grow and teach the maximum amount of people. That is the inherent nature of the system itself and what it was essentially designed to accomplish.

"Love is the law, love under will."

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