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Symbolism of the Seven Pointed Star/Heptagram/Septagram

Language is more than just words. It contains concepts and ideology unique to the people who speak it. Symbols transcend language and unify people from many different countries and cultural backgrounds. As a symbol becomes used more often by a group (and the seven-pointed star is currently being used world-wide by Thelemic groups and members) we tend to see a rise in its use in social media, the entertainment industry and even in businesses. The California Highway Patrol has used the seven-pointed star for their badges for a long time (as do many Sheriff's Departments). To them the seven points stand for Integrity, Judgement, Loyalty, Courtesy, Honor, Knowledge and Character. The seven-pointed star appears on the national flag of Australia and in the company logos of several major Australian businesses. Most of the population has seen it appear many times over in the series Game of Thrones and the seven-pointed star even made the cover of Entertainment Weekly thanks to Marvel Comics & Dr. Strange.

The seven-pointed star originated in Qabalistic traditions, in which it represented Venus and Love. In early Christian traditions, it was used as a symbol of protection. The seven points represented the perfection of God and the seven days of creation. It also equates to the seven days of the week, the seven original planets, seven directions (north, south east, west, above, below, within), seven qualities (the four directions of Intellect, Emotion, Passion, and Foundation, add to that Magick, Connection and Inspiration) and the seven factors of enlightenment (mindfulness, investigation, energy, joy or rapture, relaxation or tranquility, concentration, equanimity). It was also used to symbolize the seven wandering stars. Furthermore there are seven points for the seven chakras as well as seven letters in the word Thelema and seven letters in the name of the Thelemic Goddess Babalon.

The seven pointed star has been more visible over the past 20 years with the slow maturation of the New Aeon and rise of Thelema. Thelema is by no means mainstream, but it is recognized as an actual religion and Aleister Crowley as the man who created it - which is huge - how many people in the last 100 years or so have successfully created a new religion? he Tree of Life. The seven points correspond to the seven letters of Her name, as well as the seven chakras, the seven original planets, and the seven veils (from revelations) and perhaps even the seven deadly sins. Seven is also the number of the initials of the name of God Adonai. No doubt we could discover many more correspondences if we kept looking. The question is: Which ones speak to you?

The Sigil of the A∴ A∴

The outer portion of the septagram represents the outer order of the A∴A∴ while the "7"s in the inner part form a mathematical equation that equals 156. 156 equals BABALON in Gematria. The 7 pointed star is the symbol of BABALON and represents the High Priestess card in the Thoth Tarot deck, which is known as "The Preistess of the Silver Star".